About us


  • Name: Gemtek Technology Inc. DBA ConnectPRO
  • Founded: 1992
  • Location: Walnut, California USA

Reliable Design

All members of ConnectPRO’s staff, supporting engineers and R&D engineers work, use, and live with our own products day-in and day-out. High level of Reliability is the base of our design principle. We make things not for our customers but also for ourselves to enjoy using them. It takes a great deal of complexity to make something simple, but the resulting product is strong, more versatile and often more environmentally and user-friendly.

Commitment to Custom Services

Rex, our founder, got his start as a computer engineer who integrated automation tools for his friends. Today, custom-engineered solutions remain the heart of the business that now makes KVM switches, cables, video splitters, video switches, and solutions for remote device management and control.

Core Focus

At ConnectPRO we strive to help you connect all your devices, old and new, in a seamless system to simplify your life. We accomplish this by designing, manufacturing, and marketing KVM and video switches and extenders. This has been our focus since 1992, and will continue to be our focus long into the future.