Multi-Monitor KVM Switch VGA and DVI

Multi-Monitor KVM Solutions

There is no such thing as a 1-size-fits-all solution when it comes to multi-monitor configurations. Instead of denying that by producing a single dual-monitor KVM, ConnectPRO allows multiple KVMs or video switches to be linked together and synchronized. This effectively provides a dual-monitor, triple-monitor, and quad-monitor solution with optimal flexibility, allowing you to mix-and-match 2 and 4-ports, DVI and VGA, USB and PS2 switches to meet their specific needs. It is the most flexible multi-monitor KVM switch solution in the world.

USB KVM Switches

From the average home user to an IT administrator, ConnectPRO USB KVM switches will improve your productivity with multiple computers. Our DDM switches allow for instant USB switching between computers, as well as hot-key support to easily use your keyboard for switching.

UR Series Stacked
PR Series on a table

PS/2 KVM Switches

The Master-IT PRO KVM switches are still the most reliable PS/2 KVM switches on the market. When controlling PS/2 servers, IT administrators desire the stability and reliability of these switches. The Master-IT PRO can control up to 16 servers with features like hot-key control and on-screen displays.

KVM Extenders

The EOC-KVMUSA1 is the ultimate in KVM extenders. With built-in USB and serial, you will be able to have your machine in a remote location while still having full access to controls and video. With the flip of a switch, you are alternatively able to have video and audio extended to your destination. This extender is capable of extending VGA, USB, serial, and audio up to 1000 feet over CATx cable, and is perfect as a touch-screen KVM extender.

KVM extender
Streamline LCD Rack Console

StreamLine Rack-mount LCD KVM Consoles

Manage all of your servers from a fold-out LCD console and KVM switch. The StreamLine series takes no more than 1 unit of rack space and provides all the access control you will need.