Who We Are

Since 1992, we at ConnectPRO have done extensive soul searching about who we are, and we set out to identify and define the values that matter most to us. We wanted to give voice to our commitments, those that have become second nature, that define ConnectPRO as a company today and what we want it to become in the future.

Back in 2006, ConnectPRO had totally re-designed and re-engineered the core technologies of KVM switching and extending.

In 2008, we released a new generation of KVM technology: Dynamic Device Mapping. DDM has completely changed the way device sharing is done.

Committed to custom services

Our founder, Rex, got his start as a computer engineer who integrated automation tools for his friends. Today, custom-made engineering solutions remain the heart of the business that now makes premium cables, video splitters, video switches, KVM switches, and solutions for remote device management and control as well.

“No project is too small for us.”

“Customer satisfaction is the final measurement of our success.”