Cable Selection

KVM Cables

Premium-shielded keyboard, mouse, and video cable. They are designed to maintain optimal KVM signal strength and ensure a tangle-free, professional installation between the computer and ConnectPRO KVM switches. The premium shielding, and lifetime warranty make it a favorite among IT professionals. The lightweight style makes it easier than ever to install and reinforces clean cable management policies.

DVI KVM cable SDU-xxD xx dictates the lenght
6 ft Premium USB VGA all in one KVM Cable

StreamLine Cables

An Easy-Connect KVM cable that features individual connections for a VGA, and peripheral connection on the computer end, and a simple 15-pin connection on the KVM switch end. Because of this all in one design these cables will not work with all KVM switches, but is designed to function with ConnectPRO’s StreamLine rack consoles.

Video Cables

High resolution output cables are critical parts of any video / data display system. ConnectPRO’s comprehensive range of high resolution super-shielded coaxial cables suite a wide variety of display systems and long-distance applications.

6 ft DVI Premium Cable DVI-202-06
USB A to B cable

USB Cables

ConnectPRO USB cables are made with quality and reliability in mind. They have been made to last just like the devices you use them with are. Our cables come in several different lengths, and are perfect for any use case you have for them.

Control Cables

These cables are designed to let you control your KVM from a computer, allowing you to update your firmware or switch ports.

Serial control cable for ConnectPRO switches