The customer’s environment involved running an Extron high-end video matrix switch to feed a projection screen in a university lecture hall. Connected to the video matrix switch were both a Windows 7 system and a Mac Mini.

The issue that the customer was noticing was every 3-4 times they switched ports, the computer’s resolution would revert back to a default of 1024×768, and would not then display their optimal higher resolution. It was determined that the EDID information was not being effectively communicated between the projector and the systems connected to the Extron switch.


The customer updated the installation environment by installing VGA-EDID emulators to provide full-time EDID information to the connected systems, to avoid any confusion on the system end, and subsequent reversion to the lower resolution.


The customer is now able to switch between multiple computers, which maintain the optimal resolution for their connection projectors, without the systems reverting to a low resolution when EDID information is undetected.


“They are working great for me. They are allowing the Windows 7 computers that are housed in each of our classroom computer carts to reliably switch between it and the MacMini without adjusting the display resolution.” –Dustin, I.T. Dept, Oklahoma State University