October 19, 2007

Cat-5 Video+Audio Extender

ConnectPRO  announces the release of an all-new Cat-5 Video+Audio Extender.  This is the first Video Extender on the market to feature active DDC (Display Data Channel) on both Remote and Local channels for trouble-free field installations.  This feature allows the video source to communicate with the displays on the local port as well as the extended port to help establish supported resolutions and refresh rates.  Another of the new features is the audio extension, which supports both digital and analog audio input and output.  This allows both digital or analog connections to the audio inputs and outputs, in any configuration.  The extender supports distances up to 1000 feet, and with managable skew adjustment, a customer can guarantee quality video with resolutions up to 1920×1200, no matter what distance separates the local and remote units.

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