ConnectPRO DisplayPort KVM Switches Updates

The production and delivery of the ConnectPRO DisplayPort KVM switches continues to face production challenges and delays caused by various reasons in the supply chain. The delays in the production timeline pushed the delivery date for the KVM switches back several times. We have created this page specifically to post information regarding the production and delivery status of the ConnectPRO DisplayPort KVM switches. All future updates regarding the status of the DisplayPort KVM switches will be posted on this page.

12/23/2021 – The factory have informed us they will began the production of the UDP2-14AP KVM switches on the first week of January 2022. The factory is estimating they should finish the assembly of this upcoming production batch of UDP2-14AP KVM switches around mid-January 2022. The UDP2-14AP KVM switches should be arriving from the factory around early to mid-February 2022 (KVM switches are being shipped from the factory in Taiwan).

10/21/2021 – The shipment of UDP-14AP KVM switches have arrived. We have a limited quantity of UDP-14AP KVM switches available now.

10/15/2021 – We’re expecting a small batch of UDP-14AP KVM switches to arrive from the factory on the week of Oct. 18- Oct. 22, 2021.

10/8/2021 – Our supplier have delivered a small batch of IC chips. Our factory will began a limited production of UDP-14AP KVM switches next week. We should be able to receive some UDP-14AP KVM switches from the factory towards end of October/early November

9/2/2021 – Due to the continued global IC chip shortages and global supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 virus, we’re still working on acquiring the IC chips necessary for the production of the next batch of DisplayPort KVM switches.

8/27/2021 – This batch of UDP2-12AP KVM switches has been sold out. We’re taking pre orders for the next batch of DisplayPort KVM switches

7/19/2021 – We’ve started to fulfill back orders for UDP2-12AP KVM switches.

7/12/2021 – The factory has confirmed the UDP2-12AP KVM switches are on the way to our distribution warehouse. We’re expecting the shipment to arrive this week. We’re going to start fulfilling back orders for the UDP2-12AP KVM switches shortly after we receive the KVM switches from the factory.

6/29/2021 – The factory has resumed limited operations, and they’re working on assembly and quality control testing of the DisplayPort KVM switches. Shipment of completed DisplayPort KVM switches should arrive at our distribution warehouse on the week of July 5-9. We’ll start fulfilling back orders shortly after the shipment arrives.

6/1/2021 – Due to the rapid second wave of Covid-19 virus outbreak in Taiwan in the past 2 weeks, the Taiwanese government has announced several restrictions starting 6/1/2021 until further notice in an effort to contain the spread of virus. The government in Taiwan is working to secure and distribute vaccines as quickly as they can. Businesses and factories now can only allow half of the staff to be present in the workplace while the other half must stay at home. This restriction can extend the lead time for production as factories in Taiwan are only allow to operate at half capacity.

Here’s the latest statistics for the Covid-19 virus situation in Taiwan:

5/12/2021 – The factory has completed damage assessment, and is trying to resume normal operations as quickly as they can.

4/14/2021 – The factory that produces the PCB board for the KVM switches caught on fire. No injuries or death were reported from the fire at the factory. However, the fire caused a delay in the production timeline and delivery of the KVM switches. The factory is working with local authorities to conduct damage assessments.
Link to the article about the fire (you may need to enable the translate feature on your browser to view the article):

4/2/2021 – The supplier had delivered the IC chips to the factory that produces the PCB board for the KVM switch (that’s where the IC chips goes onto). The factory is preparing to install IC chips onto the PCB board for KVM switches and complete the final assembly of the KVM switches.

January 2021 – The global IC chips shortages and the global supply chain disruptions caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 virus continues to cause delays in the production timeline for the KVM switches. The supplier estimates the soonest we’ll be able to receive the IC chips is in mid-March 2021.

December 2020 – Our engineers have made improvements to the design of the UDP2-12AP KVM switches based on the feed back we’ve received from our customers who are using our DisplayPort KVM switches. But one of the design improvements required replacing one of the IC chips inside the KVM switch. The global IC chips shortages and global supply chain disruptions caused by Covid-19 virus had prevented us from acquiring the new IC chips quickly for the improved KVM switches. ConnectPRO is working with all available suppliers to try to acquire the new IC chips as soon as possible.

August 2020 – the second batch of UDP2-12AP KVM switches sold out.