September 28, 2012

ConnectPRO Releases DVI Based A/V Splitters

ConnectPRO has announced the upcoming releases of its all-new DVI based Audio/Video splitters. These new products, the ADS-12-I (2 port), the ADS-14-I (4 port) and the ADS-18-I (8 port) joins the previously established AVS series to complete ConnectPRO’s family of Audio/Video splitters. What’s unique about the ADS series is that now there is an affordable DVI option for an audio/video splitter. Previously, ConnectPRO only had VGA versions available. Now, with this addition, it will add maximum customer flexibility in the way they choose to set up their system. Having high quality digital video is now a reality with this new DVI product.

Adding to the benefits of these new devices, they’re able to be “stacked” on top of another ConnectPRO device (via RJ45 cable) to provide synching capabilities with a PLUS series KVM switch. In this manner, the user would be able to connect a PLUS series KVM switch to an ADS/AVS splitter and have full control over switching from computer system to computer system as well as switching audio/video if the user has multiple output displays.

All of ConnectPRO’s ADS series splitters also have built-in IR control. The user could purchase (sold separately) an IR remote to give them the ability to switch the splitter while standing several feet if they chose not to control the switching with a synched KVM or manual push button.

These new versions are available for order immediately. Please contact a Sales Team member for more information and pricing.

ConnectPRO—with offices in the Los Angeles area and Taiwan—has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

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If you would like more information regarding this topic or are interested in the distribution of products, please contact the Sales Team at 909.444.9288 or email

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