November 18, 2010

ConnectPRO Releases New Generation of USB DDM KVM Switches

Today, ConnectPRO released the much anticipated newest generation of its USB DDM KVM switch lines. The newly released version offers improvement in the following areas:

  1. Supports all USB HID devices (including touch-screen monitors, pen tablets, gaming devices, wireless keyboard and mouse combinations, etc…) to be shared among/between the KVM’s connected systems. More end-point devices can be shared without generating any HPD (hot-plug detection) events on any of the connected systems, which is increasingly important as individuals and companies move to Windows 7 environments.
  2. New concurrent Full-time Active DDC/EDID functionality is included in the new generation’s hardware, which is a requirement put forth by Microsoft’s guidelines for Windows 7 KVM switching solutions.
  3. Provides support for more OS power saving modes to aid in saving electricity and cutting costs.
  4. Simple hot-key identification and reconfiguration, as current hot-key combination can be identified on front panel of KVM switchbox, and a different hot-key combination can be selected.
  5. A customized hot-key combination can be implemented with firmware upgrade via serial port.

This newer generation of USB DDM KVM Switches is changing the KVM industry once again, with advanced, patented technologies solely owned and developed by ConnectPRO. They are available in VGA and DVI versions with 2, 4, 8, and 12-port models to be available. ODM and Importers are welcomed to inquire.

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