The ConnectPro’s UDP2-12AP KVM switches are nearly ready for full production and available for the market. The final product testing of UDP2-12AP KVM switch prototype is almost completed, but some minor adjustments are still required in order to bring the UDP2-12AP KVM switch up to the same standard and reliability as ConnectPro’s other lines of KVM products.

This is a test video of the DisplayPort KVM changing between 2 computers. Each computer has 3 monitors connected to them and 2 are going to the switch while each computer has a dedicated monitor. When switching you will notice that the resolution on each monitor will not be changed, this is because the correct EDID information is being fed to each computer. Which is our DDC technology keeping each computer believing the monitor connected is still live.

The original internal layout of the KVM switch can cause some signal interference, which will affect the reliability. Our engineers have rearranged the internal layout of the KVM switch in order to address the issue. And as of the release of this article, our engineers are working on some minor adjustments to the switch in order to accommodate a wide range of different graphics cards.

Currently, the UDP2-12AP KVMs can switch between computers with almost 100% reliability. Our engineers still need to address 2 minor issues with the prototype. The first issue happens rarely when testing, while switching between computers; the images will display on one of the monitor and not the other monitor. The second issue is the images will display on one monitor first and there will be a noticeable delay for the other monitor to display images. The issues are caused by the different graphics cards used in different monitors, and the internal layout of the boards inside of the KVM switch.

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