The ConnectPro’s DisplayPort KVM switches are beginning production and will be available shortly for the market. We will be taking pre-orders up to the end of November and December  accordingly.   Limited quantities may be made available before pre-orders ends.

The pre-order promotion will be ended on 12/31/2019.  Starting 1/1/2020,  all new orders for DisplayPort KVM switches released will be taking our regular sales terms.   And we will start shipping those pre-ordering orders. 

Why should you pre-order? Well everyone like to save money right? For thoses that order before the offer ended will receive the unit at a discounted price!

Additionally to reward those who have patiently waited for the arrival of our DisplayPort KVM Switches we will extend the warranty from the standard 3 years to a full 5 years!

Currently, we are satisfied with the performance of our DisplayPort KVM switches. But to further our commitment to you our pre-order units will have our Swap/Upgrade Guarantee, where if we do a performance modification to the DisplayPort KVM we will exchange your switch for the cost of shipping.

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