KVM Firmware Updates

This firmware procedure is for the mainboard firmware upgrade only.

Upgrade Tools List:

  • Windows 7 or 10 computer w/ USB-A port or RS-232 serial port (A 9-pin “D” type, DB-9 port)
  • HyperTerminal, TeraTerm or other serial console programs
  • 16-bit Flash Programmer.exe utility software for the main board
  • Firmware upgrade cable (an RJ-45-to-DB9 cable, included with each KVM switch)

KVM switch setting to be firmware upgrade ready:

  • Set the hotkey select on the front panel of the KVM switch to <Ctrl> as the default/selected hotkey.

Making the Serial Connection

Step 1: Connect the Cables

Use an RJ45 to DB9 cable to connect the Serial/Control port on the back of the KVM switch to your computer.Firmware Update CableKVM port for serial/control cable

If your computer lacks a serial port, you can use a USB to DB9 active converter cable. 

The active USB-to-serial converter can create a virtual COM port for the computer.


USB to RS-232 com port converter

Step 2: Find the COM Port

Access Device Manager on your computer, and under “Ports (COM &LPT)” you should find the serial connection to the KVM. In this image, it is the device “Serial On USB Port (COM3)”. Keep track of which COM number the KVM is connected to, and move on to the next step.


Device manager

Step 3: Use a Terminal to Confirm Connection and Firmware Version

Any terminal program should work, but for this guide, we will be using Tera Term. Once you have downloaded and installed Tera Term you can use it to send and receive commands with the KVM switch.

Tera Term New Connection Screenshot

Start by selecting Serial and then using the drop-down to select the COM port your KVM is connected to.

Terminal Setup Screenshot

Once you are in the terminal, press the Setup drop-down and select Terminal, make sure Local echo is checked.

Serial Port Setup Screenshot

Press the Setup drop-down again and select Serial port. Change the Baud rate to 115200. Press OK to leave the menu, and then press the reset button on the KVM switch. The terminal should print out the firmware version of the KVM switch.

Now you must close Tera Term to update the firmware.

Updating the Firmware

Step 4: Getting the Firmware Files Ready

Make sure you have downloaded firmware for your KVM switch, and unpack the files. Use notepad to edit the .bat file, changing the COM port number to the one you found earlier.

Notepad Screenshot

After you have edited the .bat file, place all three files into the C drive.

Proper location of firmware files.

Step 5: Installing the Firmware

Now press and hold the port 1 and 2 buttons for one second, and while still holding press reset and release the reset. All of the hot-key lights should be solid ( firmware upgrade mode). The KVM will only stay in this mode for a few seconds, so complete this quickly.

Serial Control Button Push

Execute the .bat file now and it will run the firmware upgrade.

Programming firmware upgrade in progress

Confirm the firmware version 

Check up/ confirm the mainboard firmware

While the Hyper Terminal or Tera Term (or any serial console program) is ON/Connected, AND the KVM switch is powered up,

push the “reset” button on the front panel of the KVM switch.   The current mainboard firmware info and KVM switch status will be shown.

Firmware version check

Checking current firmware version and KVM switch status