March 14, 2012

HDMI EDID Ghosting Emulator Released by ConnectPRO 
HDMI, DVI, and VGA Versions Available for Purchase

ConnectPRO is pleased to announce it has now released an HDMI EDID Ghosting Emulator to add to its pre-existing lineup of VGA and DVI emulators.  Now, with the addition of the HDMI version, ConnectPRO offers an extra option to effectively meet customers’ project requirements. With its sleek, lightweight, and compact design, the unit can be installed unobtrusively. The unit supports audio as well so that HDMI functionality is not crippled with the use of this device.

The HDMI-EDID Emulators are similar to the DVI and VGA versions in the way in which they’re powered.  When power is required, customers have the option of utilizing an external power supply which can connect to any power outlet, or alternatively utilizing an USB (A-B) cable for powering the emulator from a powered on computer.



EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is information passed between an output display and the source computer it’s connected to through the DDC—Display Data Channel. The computer relies on that information to determine what display (monitor or projector) is being used and what its display parameters are.

In some cases, particularly with older monitors that predate the DDC/EDID standards (or those who simply don’t comply with the protocol), and when used in conjunction switches or extenders that don’t properly pass through that information—problems may occur.  The problems experienced can range from a mild nuisance to complete non-functionality.  There are many KVM switches that are not compatible with Windows 7 for this reason, and there is no way to disable monitor detection within Windows 7.  The only workaround is to make the computer believe that the monitor is always directly connected.

With use of one of ConnectPRO’s EDID Emulators, it allows the user to have the best video image setting all the time.  Through an easy programming process, the display’s EDID is memorized in the Emulator, thus preventing the user from experiencing blank screens and boot problems as well as resolving the issue of display resolution and color due to a lack of DDC communication or EDID information.

The HDMI DDC/EDID Ghosting Emulator (Part # TMDS-EDID) is available for delivery immediately by purchasing direct through a ConnectPRO team member.

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If you would like more information regarding this topic or are interested in the distribution of products, please contact the Sales Team at 909.444.9288 or email

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