The transmission of audio and video signals without compromising quality or clarity is the key to creating transmissions, from Command & Control Rooms, Outside Broadcast and Radio to Post Production and Dubbing Theaters, which are linked to one KVM (keyboard, video and mouse). Broadcasting and media are developing and changing rapidly to cloud-based workflows and automate the transmission of software, control, news and live production. Today’s KVM engineering science plays a key role in this transition, allowing managers, editors, operators and engineers to quickly manage and reorganize the infrastructure, allowing for easier configuration and conformation when time costs money. ConnectPRO has extensive experience in the development of KVM solutions for the Broadcast & Media industry working with clients to develop innovative KVM solutions.

Emergency call centers, air traffic control, secure information centers, production facilities, large power plants and military facilities are high-pressure environments that are limited by measuring equipment and work with critical standards. The split-second decisions require fast technology. Equip your mission-critical control room with the latest visual and signal management tools. It will enhance the operator experience and workflow, improve situational awareness and decision-making, and facilitate collaboration and exchange within the organization and on-site from a high-tech domain center. ConnectPRO has in-depth technical know-how, a comprehensive support system and a broad portfolio of experience to put together a solution for your specific application. Count on our experience of developing many solutions for the mission-critical applications. ConnectPRO’s high-performance KVM solutions (keyboard, video and mouse) are installed worldwide, providing reliability, security and efficiency, as well as ergonomic improvements in control room environments. The systems are fully flexible and scalable to move and grow as they evolve.

To control the generation and distribution of power and utilities globally, the increasingly complex systems need to be integrated to allow the team of users to reliably deliver correct data. ConnectPRO’s high-performance KVM solutions (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) are installed worldwide, providing reliability, security, and efficiency, as well as ergonomic advances in Control room environments. The system is fully flexible and scalable to move and grow as needed. As the energy industry continues to grow, more wells, pumping stations, pipelines, processing plants, and refineries are being built. Power outages, downtime and outages can endanger lives and seriously damage energy installations. ConnectPRO enables you to model, deploy, and maintain Ethernet network and monitoring systems to ensure maximum uptime in every stage of production, from the work area to the refinery.

Efficiency, safety and security are the key in the management of complex and advanced transportation networks, both locally and remotely, such as roads, railways, ships and aviation. ConnectPRO has a history of safe benefits to environmental management, organization and controlled environment, while remembering to maintain accessibility. Today’s transportation industry is looking for new ways to leverage engineering to improve operational efficiency to enhance the customer’s experience. To meet this challenge, organizations need flexible, extensible and centralized results that reduce the need for manpower. On-demand access Collaboration across multiple sites Better customer experience All this requires the strategic integration of technology to ensure timely delivery, cost-effectiveness and business continuity. Travel providers, airports, shippers and logistics companies must acquire innovative solutions for maximum performance. ConnectPRO provides comprehensive solutions specifically for the transportation industry, data infrastructure, collaboration, digital signage and more. With flexible purchasing options and managed services with industry-specific knowledge, our team works with guests to develop and implement an integrated strategy that supports all business objectives.

Serial management and control of often large data centers require a secure, reliable and cost effective value for a globally ordered series. ConnectPRO, high-performance KVM solutions (keyboard, video and mouse) With ConnectPRO systems, information can be shared securely with the support of a wide range of USB devices and functions in multiple networks. The design of the system is future proof with the ability to expand as necessary. ConnectPRO has the product and services you need to strengthen your data center to protect and manage both your intellectual property and your customers’ information. Our end to end capability helps companies manage and manage the data for transparent operations. ConnectPRO’s approach to the data center is holistic: research on computing power, storage, networking, virtualization and administration to facilitate the operation and maneuverability of the company. Our portfolio of associated architectures, together with our experience, offer flexibility and scalability to support specific client goals and objectives.

Government, public services and military data require the highest security and reliability. ConnectPRO is a global solution provider for Armed Forces, Civilian Agencies, and State and Local Governments. ConnectPRO provides tailor-made solutions and management delivery of high-definition AV applications, traffic management applications, AV distribution systems, district courts to and from card reader identification of employees. We are able to build a complete communications infrastructure from the beginning, supporting both simple and coordinated work environments, from small systems to more than 100,000 users.