With our products built in Full-Time DDC technology, switching from system to system is a seamless process in signal quality or clarity is key for broadcast, from Gallery Control / Master Control Room (MCR), Outside Broadcast and Radio through to Post Engenderment and Dubbing Theatres, are all connected and utilized our ConnectPRO extenders and KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) system. We also provide the ability to extend a video/audio connection, this enables the systems to be located in a separate location providing for more space, convenience, quietness, and working efficiency.

Aruze Gaming Slot Machine Manufacture


Customer is a manufacture of slot machine and the screens used in the machines are unique for every machine. Customer needs the screen to stay stable with consistent EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) information.


The customer installed DVI-EDID emulators to provide full-time EDID information to the slot machine to keep the feed consistent and not cause any change in the screen resolution and display.


The System is stable and running the way the slot machine should. Screen resolution is the same across the board.