At ConnectPRO we provide the versatile solution for local and remote management for complex transport networks, which includes maritime, aviation, road, and rail. We ensure improvement to on-time deliver without sacrificing the cost effectiveness for the business.

Our Exceptionally tough and resilient products can be customized for applications to fulfill all technical requirements. It will meet the requirements for the harshest of seas, rough terrain of roads, length of the railroads, and highest of the altitude. ConnectPRO offer On-demand IT access to all equipment safely with our extenders stored in a separate server room. This can provide protection from changing weather or the most demanding of working environments without suffering any damage.

ConnectPRO Maritime KVM Application

Customized KVM Solutions for Ships Control Station

Because of climate change and active climate, air pollution, high air humidity, waves and bandwidth, IT components should be stored in a specialist room.

Computers are stored in the central storage room (see the right diagram) KVM solutions for the station

The DVI-CPU accounts are connected to the computer to replace the DVICenter. Using bridges at bridges are supported by the reception system (DVI-CON). By connecting the matrix, each console on a bridge can access a computer directly. Now all computers can work in different ways. Types of the user control the system

KVM Solutions for Maritime Control Rooms

On ships, various processes must be monitored all the time. Varieties of control room sizes require the monitor the driving and automation technology, video, AC and ventilation or to ensure smooth operation and avoid conflict. Other inspectors can monitor processes such as helicopter landings in the control room either at the central location or locally. However, simultaneous monitoring of multiple processes also requires many computers.

Depending on their size, ships require a lot of computer equipment to monitor multiple processes all the time. ConnectPRO KVMS are exceptionally tough and resilient products that will meet all technical requirements.

With ConnectPRO, you can be sure that you can always manage and access your computers. It will meet the requirements for the harshest of seas – ConnectPRO equipment can handle the environment. Sensitive information technology is separate from virtual consoles and placed in a central server room, where the devices are protected against the effects of weather and unauthorized access. Connected to a matrix extender, computer signals are available immediately in the control system. The control panel can access all necessary information from different consoles location.

KVM Solutions Monitoring Harbors and Seaways

Monitoring harbors and seaways require permanent control and coordination. Therefore employees need the best ergonomic conditions supporting them in their important tasks during which they need to stay focused and react fast. Therefore employees need the best ergonomic conditions supporting them in their important tasks during which they need to stay focused and react fast.

We even have customizable solutions if you need to monitor multiple computers and processes at the same time. Here is when a KVM switches come in handy, users can operate up to eight computers using one keyboard and one mouse. Depending on requirements, products transmit up to four video channels.

Switching between channels takes place by pressing a button at the front of the device, hotkeys or using an external device. Now administrators can already react to critical values (e. g. increased temperatures, errors in the communication with the keyboard interface or problems with redundant systems) before they lead to failures.

HDMX7 Digital Fiber Extender

The HDMX7/HDMX7D Fiber series extends HDMI/DVI, USB 2.0, 2-way analog audio, RS-232, and IR over an optical fiber network. The supported maximum resolution is 1920×1200@60Hz over HDMI and even DVI. With optional Nano-Coating, making the HDMX7/HDMX7D the most versatile and durable unit for all uses: land, air, and sea. This helps the unit fall into the certification of IEC 60945 standards.