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Dual Monitor KVM

ConnectPRO dual-monitor KVMs have many advantages for anyone working with multiple computers and monitors. Some of the features of a ConnectPRO dual-monitor KVM:

  • Fastest switching time for video switch and ZERO Latency switching for HID devices (mouse, keyboard, drawing tablet/ touchscreen)
  • Share two high-resolution monitors between computers (up to 5K* for DisplayPort models, 4K for HDMI combo )
  • Control all computers with the large real estate offered by two screens
  • Unlimited stackable for sharing more than two screens in the future (built-in uplink port for future expanding / sharing more monitors)
  • Lock one or both screens to their own computer (Sync and Unsync switching of each monitor)
  • Lock audio to it’s own computer (Sync and Unsync switching of audio output)
  • Lock the USB devices to their own computer (Sync and Unsync for USB HUB ports)
  • Built-in IR sensor for remote IR switching control up to 40 ft. (IR remote controller – optional )

We offer a variety of dual-monitor solutions, you can choose between VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort or one of each! You can choose between a standalone KVM switch or stack it with other A/V or KVM switches made by ConnectPRO to create the most flexible self-configured switching system in the world.

Multi display KVM environments are ideal for situations where more desktop real estate is required such as web development, graphic design, programming, engineering, and financial number crunching. Multi-Monitor KVM switches provide complete connectivity for two or more systems and save valuable physical work space by eliminating redundant keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Triple Monitors

Triple Monitor KVM

With the Triple Monitor KVM you will be able to control all computer systems on the KVM using the addition of three monitors rather than two. With the real estate of three monitors, working becomes very productive for website building, brochures, imaging and more. Say goodbye to the tiresome task of clicking on different tabs for programs. This would be perfect for your corner desk with many systems that need to display important status information consistently.

4 monitors

Quad Monitor KVM

For the person looking to have four monitors there is a Quad Monitor KVM solution. As good as three monitors are to have, four monitors is even better. With four monitors, there is a “center” to focus on and 50% more display area. This can be particularly helpful in the Data center management field, Security monitoring, Air traffic control, Financial systems management.

Beyond Quad and Custom Monitor KVM

Sometimes four monitors is not enough and you simply need more. For these special setup any number of configurations can be made available please inquire here to speak to a representative to assist you in the optimum build for your setup.

Using 2 monitors
Using two monitors
Dual monitors in use

With Multi-Monitor KVM Solutions there is no such thing as a 1-size-fits-all solution when it comes to multi-monitor configurations. Instead of denying that by producing a single Dual-Head KVM, ConnectPRO expands the horizons of computer control by adding multiple monitor support to an advanced KVM switch by allowing multiple KVMs or Video switches to be linked together and synchronized. Effectively providing a Dual-Monitor, Triple-Monitor and Quard-Monitor solutions with optimal flexibility, this allows a customer to mix-and-match 2-ports/4-ports, DVI/VGA, USB/PS2 switches to meet their specific needs. It is the most flexible multi-monitor KVM switch solution in the world.

The Multi-Monitor KVM switch allows for traditional KVM access to multiple computers with the additional benefit of allowing extended desktops across two or more displays. These multi display KVMs are often referred to as multi head or multi-screen and come in a variety of connections including VGA, DVI, or even a mixture of connections.

Suitable for any work space, a Multi-Monitor KVM switch offers a compact desktop KVM design and features a rugged metal chassis that helps ensure durable performance. Depending on the model you can also connect one set of speakers and use them for all your computers. But ConnectPRO takes it a step further on their Dual monitor KVM switches, they allow independent switching of not just the audio, or the USB, or the displays, but allows each and every connection to be switched independently of everything else.

At ConnectPRO we are known for our robust and reliable operation and have been trusted by many people to provide problem free control of multiple computers.  We back all of our KVM Switches with a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.