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High-performance advanced USB KVM switch solutions.
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UD PLUS KVM Family stack

UD PLUS DVI Series (1920×1200)

UD PLUS DVI W/ Audio (2560×1440)

UD HDMI  W/ Audio



UD HDMI  (1080p)




Master-IT USB Plus+

Advanced USB DDM Class KVM switches with All-Time Full DDC/EDID and Multi-Hot-key.

Specially designed for sharing all types of HID devices and USB touch screens.

Patented DDM technology integrated most demanding applications which can provide services such as in server room, information browsing system, banking Auto Teller Machine, medical apparatus, retail Kiosk or ticketing system as well as touch wall showroom.

100 % device mapping means the switch JUST WORKS. Use whatever mouse, keyboard or HID device you like, with its own driver. Reboot a machine while its video is not selected, and when you come back to it the resolution will be correct. You also can chain multiple DDM KVM together for Multi Monitor or Multi Head setup. You get the best user experience with both fastest switching and your own flexible configuration.

UDP, DisplayPort Single Monitor ( 4K, 5K)
UDP2,  DisplayPort Dual Monitor ( 4K, 5K)

Benefits & Features

  • 100% compatible with USB HID devices (for USB DDM ports)
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Providing support Dual DVI / DVI+VGA two video switch with audio
  • User selectable multi-hotkey and panel push-button for easy computer selection
  • Backlit push-button with multi-color LED for easy monitoring and selection
  • Built-in IR remote receiver and selectable Hot-key control
  • RS-232 control and firmware ungradable
  • Built-in All-time Full DDC (Active – DDC to all connected systems)

Master-IT USB

Advanced USB HUB-base KVM switch with All-time Full EDID DDC emulation Master-IT USB uses breakthrough technologies which allow for flexibility and functionality never before seen in a KVM switch. All-Time Full DDC is a technology that ensures all systems connect to a KVM have active DDC communication at all times.  This provides support for Windows 7 unavailable with standard KVM switches, ensuring no resolution/resizing/no-video issues. The other patented KVMX allows KVM ports to be modularized. It provides our partner customized KVM ports to meet project requirements.

UR-12 and UR-14

UR Series –  replaced by UR+ Series

Benefits & Features.  (This Product Line had been discontinued starting 12/1/2019

  • Accept Special Order based on OEM or ODM only, not stocked items.  Please call for special order.
  • Industry-grade USB KVM switch, HUB-base KVM switch (no USB DDM)
  • Embedded dual-core KVM distribution switching technology
  • Plug-and-Play operation
  • Additional front USB ports for device sharing
  • High compatible with HID devices

Replaced by UR+ Series  (with USB HID DDM ports and Support Touch Screen Monitor sharing)+ Serial Port Control. 

  • UR-12+KIT    2-port KVM switch for VGA monitor,  USB DDM, VGA-EDID emulation, No-latency switching
  • UR-14+KIT    4-port KVM switch for VGA monitor,  USB DDM, VGA-EDID emulation, No-latency switching
  • UR-18+KIT    8-port KVM switch for VGA monitor,  USB DDM, VGA-EDID emulation, No-latency switching