December 23, 2008

Multi-touch is here, are you ready?

ConnectPRO has solutions for the hardware and software developer NOW. At Computex 2008, ConnectPRO released and demoed the first and only USB Touch-screen sharing KVM in the world, with DDM technology.

With the advanced, patented USB DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping) solutions, any USB Multi-touch touch-screen monitor devices (whether multi-touch or single-touch) can be shared and accessed with multiple systems/ servers. This transpires without writing any emulation codes or change of configuration between shared hardware and OS systems. It provides the best totally transparent user experience for adding Multi-touch screen devices to applications.

As ConnectPRO’s USB DDM technology has just advanced to its next stage, more USB devices can be included with DDM mapping to work with Windows 7’s new “device stage” hardware management. That means ConnectPRO provides the “active” hardware DDM for a 100% match to Windows 7’s “active” software DDM – the new Windows 7’s “Device Stage”.

Imagine that your devices and systems will be connected much faster and working smoothly together when connected, extended or shared.

To find out how ConnectPRO can benefit your hardware and software development with Windows 7, please email us at or

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