September 15, 2011

ConnectPRO Plans to Release 8-port DVI and USB KVM Switch

ConnectPRO has announced plans that they will release a new DVI KVM switch featuring their patented DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping) technology.



The new switch bears the part number UD-18-PLUS, and as the name infers will allow a single console to control up to 8 computers with DVI and USB connections.  Previously, the 2-port and 4-port versions have been available and selling well internationally.  More recently, a 12-port version has been available as well.  Now, the UD-18-PLUS will arrive as a better fitting solution for mid-range needs–more than 4 systems, but not as many as 12.

The UD-18-PLUS, like all other PLUS version models, incorporates the DDM technology, which provides full USB-HID transparency effectively mapping a keyboard and mouse to each connected system.  This provides greater stability for switching between systems, and faster response times, as the individual computers need not to re-enumerate your devices.  DDM technology also allows stable control of USB touch-screen displays, without having to deal with constant re-calibration.  In addition to the DDM ports, there is an additional USB 1.1 port for any USB devices to be shared, which do not conform to USB-HID standards.

All DVI connections on the UD-18-PLUS will be DVI-I.  This will provide greater overall compatibility for analog as well as digital connections.  The switch will also provide HDCP by-pass to avoid complications with any copy-protected security.

The new switch is scheduled for release in December, and will be available directly through ConnectPRO, as well as standard online resellers.

ConnectPRO—with offices in Southern California, New York, and Taiwan—has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

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