June 01, 2009

ConnectPRO Presents New DDM KVM Switch at Computex 2009, wins one of a handful of Best Choice awards, and brings home one of only two coveted Jury’s Special Awards

Winning Reason:

  • This product is an industry level USB DDM KVM switch; compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; plug-and-play operation and faster KVM switching; highly compatible with HID devices and USB touch screens; additional front USB port for device sharing; supports all-time full DDC for better display quality.
  • As the first touch screen sharing KVM switch in the market and embedded with the technologies of friendly applications – shows its innovation.
  • With very high compatibility of USB devices for KVM solutions and compliance of new OS like Windows 7 demonstrates the market potential of this KVM switch.
  • This product implements two patented technologies (DDM and Dual-core structure) making this KVM switch fully transparent to both ends (console device and connected systems).


  • 100% Maintain the compatibility
    • With ConnectPRO’s patented DDM Technology, the communication between shared devices and connected systems is maintained 100% of the time, even when switching the shared devices from the controlled systems. When switching ports there is no more lag time while the computer has to re-recognize the connected devices.
  • The world’s first Touch-Screen sharing KVM switch
    • By using a DDM USB KVM switch, the channel switching will not be limited by keyboards and mice. Any USB Touch-screen monitor can be shared and accessed with multiple systems/servers. Most of the computer room operators’ routine works do not need to edit or key-in the text; switching connected PCs/Servers from a single touch monitor through DDM KVM switch would be much easier and able to save more space in computer rooms.
  • DDM plus Windows 7
    • As ConnectPRO’s USB DDM technology has just advanced to its next stage, more USB devices can be included with DDM mapping to work with Windows 7’s new “device stage” hardware management. That means ConnectPRO provides the “active” hardware DDM for a 100% match to WIndows 7’s “active” software DDM – the new WIndows 7’s “Device Stage”

View Official Announcement from Computex 2009

bcawardConnectPRO’s President Rex Wu receives Jury’s Special award from Taiwan’s Prime Minister

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