August 20, 2013

ConnectPRO has just released an Audio/Video Extender for Users Looking for a More Cost Effective Solution

ConnectPRO has announced the release of a new audio/video extender. The EOC-VA1H follows in the steps of its predecessor, the EOC-VA1. The new, EOC-VA1H would best be described as a “light” version, compared to its older brother, the EOC-VA1.  This version is for users who are looking to save a few dollars and who might have more minimal requirements. This version extends up to 100m (300 ft.) via Cat-X type cables. This version also does not have any RGB skew controls, while the EOC-VA1 does. While RGB skew is a nice addition to have, it’s not necessary for those “cost-conscious” users. While having extra-fine analog resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, this is a perfect alternative for A/V professionals who might be on a budget and only require an extension of 300 ft. This model also features the full-time DDC/EDID to prevent any video loss or re-sizing issues. .
The EOC-VA1H is currently available for order with a lead time of about 1-2 days. Each “set” comes with a separate transmitter and receiver. Cat-X type cables are sold separately or are available from other retailers. Please contact the ConnectPRO Sales Team directly if interested in pricing or other information. 
ConnectPRO—with offices in Los Angeles and Taiwan—has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

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If you would like more information regarding this topic or are interested in the distribution of products, please contact the Sales Team at 909.444.9288 or email

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