February 3, 2012

New Line of DVI A/V Switches by ConnectPRO
ConnectPRO Plans Mid-March Release of AV Switches

ConnectPRO is pleased to reveal the upcoming additions to their existing line of AV products.  The all-new ADS series of AV switches provides ultimate stability with ConnectPRO’s all-time full DDC capabilities.

Currently ConnectPRO already has the AVS-18-I, 8-port AV switch which features support for analog VGA video and audio only.  The new products to be available by March 15 will be the 2-port ADS-12-I, 4-port ADS-14-I, and 8 port ADS-18-I; all offering support for DVI video and audio.  Without providing any keyboard or mouse control, these devices will allow you to seamlessly switch between up to 8 different digital video and audio sources.  With ConnectPRO’s active DDC technology, there will not be issues with video resolution when switching back and forth as the connected computers will always recognize what specific display or projector is connected.


Much like with the existing AVS-18-I, the DVI/Audio switches allow for the audio and video switching to be either synched or unsynched, allowing fuller flexibility when determining which port to make active for video, and which to make active for audio.  The switches can be controlled with the built-in front-panel pushbuttons, by IR remote (available separately), or via RS232 control.


ConnectPRO–with offices in Southern California, New York, Taiwan has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

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