August 25, 2011


New built-in technology looks to change the face of KVM switches

Pending since 2008, ConnectPRO—a company headquartered in Walnut, CA—has recently been awarded the patent for its DDM, Dynamic Device Mapping technology. The patent itself, now confirmed and issued by the USA patent office, is for a technology that affects the way every connected computer on a KVM switch will recognize USB HID devices connected to the KVM console.

DDM allows for KVM switches to move above and beyond the traditional USB Hub type switches, as well as models using a type of Emulation for the keyboard and mouse. Providing added stability, all connected computers recognize the specific keyboard, mouse, and USB HID devices connected to the KVM’s DDM ports. With switches, this means there is no lag-time when switching ports while the USB is re-enumerated, and no loss in functionality with special-function keyboards and mice.

With ConnectPRO’s patented DDM technology, the communication between shared devices and connected systems is maintained 100% of the time even when switching the shared devices from the controlled systems. Likewise, DDM applies to KVM extenders, ensuring full USB-HID transparency between local and remote ends, so there is no loss in functionality with keyboards, mice, or touch-screens.

This prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems/computers, and reduces wait time when switching KVM ports. Added to that is support for touch-screen sharing. Touch-screens can be connected to the USB KVM switch and shared between multiple computers using the DDM USB ports. The DDM will ensure the touch-screen remains stable and functional, not requiring to be re-calibrated when switching back and forth. DDM technology along with another patented dual-core KVM distribution switching technology has become the most reliable and robust KVM switch core technology in the world.

ConnectPRO—with offices in Southern California, New York, and Taiwan—has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

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