April 20, 2010

New Product Series to be Released

ConnectPRO has had a busy 2nd quarter, but is pleased to announce the roll-out of an all-new Audio/Video Series of products.  All will feature ConnectPRO’s highest quality video, as well as full-time DDC communication on each port.

The first item in this series, to be released in May, will be an 8-port VGA/Audio video switch.  The AVS-18A will support VGA and analog audio connections for speakers/microphone from up to 8-systems.  Each port will have a back-lit push-button for easy selection of video, and a back-lit push-button for selection of audio when not synchronized.  Full-time DDC communication will be built into each port specifically for the ultimate stability and Windows 7 compatibility.

The AVS-18A will have an RS-232 connection for additional controlling options, as well as IR remote compatibility.

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