July 01, 2011

New Table and Demo Videos Available Confirming DDM Compatible Devices

ConnectPRO opens up a go-to page for compatible USB peripherals proven supported by ConnectPRO’s KVM switches featuring the USB DDM technology. The benefit of Dynamic Device Mapping (DDM) is that the KVM switch is able to recognize precisely what USB HID devices you have connected, and then map those to each computer. That means at any given time, all connected computers recognize that those particular devices are connected. There’s no lag time when switching ports, no need for Windows or Mac OS to re-detect, or initialize the USB devices when you switch to that computer. It works seamlessly.

The problem has been that some device manufacturers have not limited their devices to true USB standards, and so the process for creating a switch able to map those particular devices can get complicated. In most cases, all USB HID devices are fully compatible with the DDM technology, but there has always been rare instances where a particular setup, or combination of devices, has caused an issue when going through the DDM switch. In most of those cases we have been able to release updated firmware aimed at resolving any of those incompatibilities.

The point of this new section of ConnectPRO’s website is to provide assurance to customers and prospective customers, that our DDM KVM switches have been tested and verified compatible with particular input devices, be it Logitech, Microsoft, Elo, or Wacom. In some cases, video demonstrations are available which show how the devices perform.


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