IP based Extender

Flexible Extension over IP

The HDMX combines CATx and fiber to give you more options when setting up a video or computer matrix. In addition, the HDMX will allow you to mix individual units between CATx and fiber as long as all units are on the same sub-net. The HDMX combines DVI and HDMI video signals to give you a choice of video connections. The HDMX also has built-in USB, so you can also extend and share devices between computers. With these advancements, mixing and matching CATx, fiber, HDMI, and DVI becomes very easy, meaning installations will go smoother and faster no matter how large or varied.

How the Matrix Works

The key element within the system is the Managed Ethernet switch setup. This is an essential requirement to create an HDMI over IP matrix with source switching. It is important to understand that the HDMI over IP devices themselves are not capable of performing any switching functions, the units function on the LAN as simple plug and play devices. It is the configuration adjustments of the Managed Ethernet switch that perform the switching operation between sources.

For example, you could have a set-top box on one transmitter, a Blu-ray player on another transmitter, a game console on another, and control which transmitter a receiver views by adjusting the port configuration of the Managed Ethernet Switch. This is made easy with RS-232 and IR drivers available for practically any automation system on the market. This same video switching function is also possible on computers, tablets, and handheld devices.

Network Sharing

With a shared gigabit LAN you can use the HDMX to deliver digital signal over IP.

Fiber Module

The HDMX has the ability to use both CATx and optical fiber allowing it to extend signals over great distances.

Multi-Channel Audio

The HDMX supports a wide variety of compressed audio formats.

HDCP Compliant

Easily broadcast copy-protected content from a Blu-ray player or set-top box.


The HDMX supports full 1080p video up to 60Hz over IP.

USB over IP

Allows keyboards, mice, and even game controllers to be attached to the HDMX and communicate over the network.

RS-232 over IP

Have full control over your RS-232 devices by using the provided port.


IR over IP

Allows IR control and extension of your devices.

Deep Color Support

Supports deep color for sharp, realistic, and accurate images.


Analog Audio

The HDMX has integrated stereo audio extractors with a programmable delay (up to 170 ms).


Secure Access

A secure hardware solution to remotely access a computer over your existing CATx or fiber network.


Endless Possiblities

With the ability to connect many receivers to many transmitters, the possible applications for the HDMX are almost limitless.

Extension Mode

A simple connection that allows you to easily extend video, audio, and devices from a source to a console.


A simple connection that allows you to easily extend video, audio, and devices from a source to a console.
A matrix solution that can be expanded to fit almost any project.