KVM Switches

Since 1992, ConnectPRO has been providing quality KVM solutions for a variety of industries and home users. Many of the KVM switches we offer have been around for years, and have been relied on daily by our customers. Recently ConnectPRO has partnered with IPGard and Vertiv to add a line of secure KVM for customers to meet today security needs. Lowering the chances and protecting our customers from data breaches. For any custom KVM needs feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution to fit your needs you can email at sales@connectpro.com or give us a call at (909) 444 9288.

EDID Emulators

EDID is the data structure provided by a display to describe its characteristics to the device outputting video. With long cables, video splitters, or AV receivers, this information can get lost or corrupted. Our emulators copy the EDID and allow you to re-insert the data into the video chain closer to the source.

Emulator Family

Rack Consoles

Our rack consoles make it easy and convenient for you to manage all of the servers on your rack. With the dual-rail console, you can pull the screen or keyboard out individually.

A/V Extenders

A/V Extender


ConnectPRO’s industrial-grade video and audio extenders and distribution solutions – ideally for professional digital signage solutions.

KVM Extenders

KVM Extender

Video Splitters

ConnectPRO Video Splitters have been the defacto choice for A/V industry customers as well as end-users looking for superior performance at high resolutions and extended distances, yet at a reasonable price.


Video Splitters Stacked

Video Switches

ConnectPRO has developed an all-new Audio/Video switch for switching one A/V output between multiple inputs.  This is a top of the line device that will provide superior quality at an unheard of price.

Video switches stacked

Touch Screens

ConnectPRO offers total solutions implementing ELO touch components for custom size LCD panels or standard 17″ and 22″ monitors. Touch-screen technology is the future, easing human/computer interaction’s reliance on keyboard and mouse technology

Touch Screen


Here you will be able to find items like cables, converters, remotes, or adapters!