UDP2-12AP-KIT – 2-port USB Dual DisplayPort KVM switch

Started Delivering 1/6/2020 (first pre-order batch)

2-port USB Dual DisplayPort KVM switch w/ DDM & Audio Cables Included



Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, and OS X
  • User select-able multi-hotkey (Ctrl, Shift, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock)
  • Built-in IR remote receiver (Remote not included)
  • RS-232 control and firmware upgradable
  • Dual DisplayPort interface, v1.4
  • Max video resolution supported 4K @ 60hz on each shared monitor
  • Built-in All-time Full DDC (Active-DDC to all connected systems)
  • Durable metal case
  • 3 year Warranty

UDP2-12AP USB KVM Switch with Dual DisplayPort v1.4 has embedded DDM Technology that can maintain the compatibility of the shared devices and connect systems. As the result, the UDP2-12AP
KVM switch becomes the most reliable and robust multi monitor KVM switch in the world. UDP2-12AP provides the premium video that supports DisplayPort 1.4 on two monitors.

The UDP2-12AP, as with all ConnectPRO KVM switches, features all-the-time active DDC/EDID communication, which makes this switch Windows 7/8/10 compatible.

The UDP2-12AP 2-Port USB Dual DisplayPort 1.4 KVM Switch with Audio and USB 3.0 Hub combines next generation digital display standards with seamless KVM control, allowing you to switch between 2 dual head or twin DisplayPort systems. Also ideal for systems with a single DisplayPort output, and a second video source such as DVI or HDMI, using a low cost accessory adapter.

Delivering multi-computer control for high-res multimedia applications, the dual view KVM supports resolutions of 4K  with DisplayPort HD audio, as well as 2-channel analog stereo audio and microphone input.

Suitable for high quality static imaging, such as medical applications (MRI, X-ray, etc.), Higher resolution is supported at reduced refresh rates.

What’s in the Box?

Technical Specifications



Computer port number


On-Screen Display


Panel button control


Front panel Indication

PC On-line – Green Selected – Red Both – Orange

IR remote control
RC-01 (Sold Separately)

Hot plug-and-play


Hot key control


Auto Scan

Yes ( Hot key )

Selectable scan interval

5, 8, 15, 20, 30 sec ( Hot key )

Beep Sound

On / Off ( Hot key selectable )

Keyboard Type Rate

10, 15, 20, 30 characters/sec ( Hot key )

Cable length ( Max )

5M ( 15ft ) at Console; 5M ( 15ft ) at PC

Video Resolution

Max 4k @# 60hz on two monitors

System connectors

Keyboard & Mouse

USB B x 4

Monitor 1

DisplayPort Female x 2

Monitor 2

DisplayPort Female x 2


Speaker x 4, Mic x 4 (3.5mm)

Console connectors

Keyboard & Mouse

USB A ( DDM Technology ) x 2

Monitor 1

DisplayPort Female x 1

Monitor 2

DisplayPort Female x 1


Speaker x 1, Mic x 1 (3.5mm)

Hub Link Port

USB A ( USB 3.0 ) x 2



44 mm


275 mm


131 mm




Operating Temp

0 to 60 degrees C

Storage Temp

-30 to 70 degrees C


0~80% RH, NC


Operating Voltage

DC 5V ( 2000 mA )

Power Frequency

50-60 Hz



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 in
Display Connection

Peripheral Connection



Cables Included

Power Adapter Included






Photos and Diagrams


Product Compare

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Ultimate Comparison of DisplayPort KVM 2

Wow, there’s no comparison !
ConnectPRO’s unit wins all comparison and spec.

What You Should Know and Do Before Installation of DisplayPort KVM Switches

  • Forget About Your Experiences in Old DVI, HDMI or VGA KVM switches
    DisplayPort communicates differently from DVI and HDMI, which also are digital video formats. DVI and HDMI communicate with digital high-low signals, but DisplayPort communicates with micro in-line packages, similar to  your Ethernet networks do.

    • For example, you may find that video source may be shifted while the new monitors or new systems initially connected to the KVM switches – the DisplayPort subsystem of the KVM switch is doing system re-sync communication.
  • Adjust Your Monitors and Connected Systems
    • Monitor:  1. Disable Auto Selection of Video Sources,  2.Disable Power Saving (if any) of Connected Monitor. max.resolution set to 4K 60hz
    • Connected Systems: 1. Disable USB port power saving/ hibernation. 2. Disable Display/ Monitor shut-down, turn to “never” shut down.
  • Use high-quality Cables or the DisplayPort Cables Included
    • In most cases, we include DisplayPort cables which we’ve tested and qualified for connecting between the systems and DP KVM switch.
      Make sure the DP cable between your monitor and the KVM switch are also qualified with DisplayPort 1.4 standard.
  • Installation Procedures (after you have done with the above list)
    • Before you connect any cables to the KVM switch:
    • 1. Connect video cable to your monitor and turn on your monitor
      2. Connect DisplayPort cables to your computer systems
      3. Connect USB cables (USB A-B) to your computer systems
    • Connecting to KVM switch:
    • 1. Connect the external power adapter (included) to the KVM switch
      2. Connect the keyboard or mouse to DDM ports of the KVM switch
      3, Connect any other USB devices you want to share to the USB hub ports
      4. Connect the USB-B end to the channel accordingly on the KVM switch.
    • 5. Connect the DisplayPort cables from the monitor to the console video port of the KVM switch
    • 6. Connect the DisplayPort cables from systems to the channel video port accordingly (system 1 to channel 1 video).
  • Completely restart your systems one channel at a time accordingly
    (Don’t switch to other channel if the system is not fully boot up to the OS level ) , please wait !

    • When plugging the  DisplayPort cables to your systems or to the KVM switch,  FOR THE FIRST TIME it will take longer time for EDID handshaking (3~5 sec.).   Once it is done for the first time, it will no longer need to do the EDID handshaking while selecting/ switching to between different systems.


Known Issues or Errors and Temporary Fix ( 1st Founder Edition Model, shipped  1/2020)

  • ** Program bugs had found with the full-time EDID feeding protocol, currently only up to 4K 60hz can be supported with most of the monitors and video cards
  • Temporary Fix:  before we release new firmware update , Setup both monitor and video cards maximum resolution to 4K 60hz or 30hz. 
  1.  Hotkey to reset the audio target , <Hotkey><Hotkey><O><0> is not working –
    • Temporary Fix before new firmware released for update: use “reset push button ” to reset to default.
  2.  EDID handshaking incompletely or missing  caused blank monitor screen with some graphic/video cards (specially with AMD ). firmware up grade will fix this issue (estimate firmware releasing in 2/2020). current firmware version v.003.  AMD video cards are not detected for simultaneously multi-video outputs by the DP KVM switch. 
  3. When new monitor/video source plug in, DP KVM switch will switch the video to another channel and back to the source channel – the KVM switch is trying to re-sync the EDID of both connected systems – Temporary Fix: After regain the video of both monitors, then make a switch to other connected system and replug the DP video cables to the target system (force the EDID re-sync.) , then both systems’ video outputs should be stable after that.  Once the video systems are stable, the KVM switch should work correctly and stably.   –  New firmware upgrade will solve this issue (estimated firmware releasing in 2/2020)


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Help! My screen/audio is stuck on one computer even when I switch to the other!

    • This is a simple fix: push the reset button on the KVM switch panel . this will reset all the screens and audio to their default configurations.

Will the dual monitor DisplayPort KVM switch support 2 monitors that are 3840 x 1600 @ 144Hz  refresh rate? 

Yes, up to 5120 x 1440p @120Hz. 
The DisplayPort KVM switch does support monitors that are 3840 x 1600 at 30~144z refresh rate or 5K@60~120 Hz , depending the combination and quality of connected systems’ video card, video cables, and the monitor display’s real connection results.

        Why does the promotion pricing only applies to KVM switch with 6 ft. kit?

All of our displayport KVM switch come with premium displayport cables. However, if the displayport cable gets too long, then signals might get lost, and the monitor won’t display anything as the result.   We want to encourage our customers to use 6 ft. cable whenever possible for best results.