February 17, 2006

Professional USB KVM switch available with Hot-Key control and Dedicated USB Simulation on each port.

ConnectPRO has released the UC-14 KVM Switch, which includes hotkey control and On-Screen Display.  This is a 4-port USB KVM switch which includes four 6′ Cables.

The UC-14 is the ideal solution for IT Professionals looking to connect USB Servers (Windows, Mac OS, or SUN) to one console.  Unlike the UR-series, this has dedicated simulation on each port, and also allows you to switch ports with simple Hot-key controls.  There are two USB console ports, for the mouse and keyboard, so this switch does not act as a general USB hub, like the UR-series, and it does not fully support multi-function keyboards; but it’s a quality solution perfect for many professional working environments.

Call for details: 909-444-9288

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