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With the customer’s initial configuration, they had dozens of USB KVM Switches deployed throughout their company. For the most part this solution worked well for them, but over time they were faced with some isolated, yet recurring, incidents which remained unresolved. They also started to develop needs that weren’t being met with their current solution.

Problems with initial USB KVM switch

No hot-keys
Isolated incidents: losing keyboard and mouse when switching back to a port
Isolated incidents: hanging at BIOS splash screen
Interest in moving to DVI (Customer was at the time purchasing new Dell Optiplex and Precision systems which featured DisplayPort outs, but include DisplayPort to DVI adapters


Upgraded customer to UD-12+ KVM switch.


Satisfaction achieved through

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Hot-keys controls function well
  • Switching is noticeably faster with PLUS version
  • No problem with image quality
  • Supports 1920×1440
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