Industry Applications

We offer products that suit a wide variety of applications. Our customers have found success using our products in such fields as: broadcasting, air traffic control, control room centers, school computer labs, and more. With our state-of-the art technology and compatibility, our products are suitable for numerous working applications.


With our products built in Full-Time DDC technology, switching from system to system is a seamless process. Also, with the ability to extend a video/audio connection, this enables the systems to be located in a separate location providing for more space, convenience, quietness, and working efficiency.

Air Traffic Control

When USB-HID compatibility and our patented DDM technology combine in this industry, it makes for a superior user experience in high pressure and concentration environments. The ability to switch from system to system with no latency is a big step for users in this field when seconds can make the difference.

Control Room

Using our Streamline Consoles that are capable of controlling up to 16 systems, our users will find a confidence it running their control room. With the ability to be mounted in a rack mount solution and in a pull out draw, our users you begin asking themselves how they lived without it.

Special Applications

Our products adapt to a vast array of applications and have proven themselves to have lasting durability in various industries.

Whether offshore or on land   – ConnectPro products won’t let you down.