Air Traffic Control


Particularly in high profile communications, such as towers at airports, it is important that ATC; (Air Traffic Controllers) work in a distraction free environment. Taking ATC department computers and then placing them into separate operations rooms, helps increase preventive monitoring and event reporting systems to run at full efficiency as well as a having  fallback system in place with more ease than ever before.


Helping to Boost and Extend Signals

Minimal to limited space in the Air Traffic Control Tower along with the mandatory needs of being able to focus and communicate.  The demand of high amounts of concentration in the ATC Tower can take advantage of our Switch and Extender to help put the computers into a different room away from the consoles and employees.


Constant Monitoring

There is a constant monitoring procedure along with high profile safety policies and standards used and practiced by various Air Traffic Control towers across the globe.  Additionally our product is helping create the ideal quiet working conditions for ATC controllers.


Fallback Plan

If there is a system failure, the fallback is there and in place despite preventive monitoring; a concept that allows the ATC controller to keep working in the emergency environment.


Video/Audio Distribution

An airline shows an image presentation (video + audio) in the lounge at the entry on the main level and in the VIP area on the first level.