Extending the ATC antenna signal and improving early monitoring warning systems


Having already helped to remove the hot and noisy computers and servers separately into their own designated room or space.


Information technology (IT) staff is responsible for checking system status whilst constantly monitoring the selected consoles of primary and secondary computer information.  These important staff members take on and handle emergencies caused by a major system failure that can and will occur do to power loss at any unknown date


The crucial safety polices and important mandatory safety requirements can be much more efficient utilizing a selected network.  A control center or most commonly referred to as a  DevCon Center  is connected to s selected  user and computer module of all extender lines and monitors the different  and various status in their system conditions.


Depending on the results or the predefined thresholds, with  DevCon Center in place , triggers are set in motion long before by the administrator who then will send out crucial information  messages to the appropriate staff members to prevent a cataclysmic system failure



Applied products

Professional Video + Serial + Audio KVM extender over CATx cable up to 1000 ft w/ DDM