Extension, monitoring, redundancy, and fallback

The unlikely event of a system breakdown despite preventive monitoring requires a concept that allows controllers to continue their work safely and intuitively in their familiar environment.

This requires a redundant system that is safeguarded by another fallback system. Now two functional lines are still available even if the primary connection fails.

Three independent yet identical systems (primary, redundant, and fallback) for each controller desk are applied to prevent a total breakdown. Each system consists of a computer and a KVM extender line.

By pressing a button at a KVM switch, the controller easily switches between the systems. The switch, which is installed next to the controller desk, is connected to each of the three lines.

Applied products

Professional Video + Serial + Audio KVM extender over CATx cable up to 1000 ft w/ DDM
PS/2 KVM Switches
USB KVM Switches