Integrating KVM switch devices proves to be especially useful in environments that need to optimize space and lower sound emissions. Computers can be removed from studios and OB vans and thus creates a pleasant working environment by lowering the space requirements to just keyboards, monitor, and mouse– especially in broadcasting sectors.


In studios, the integration of quietly running KVM switches helps the much needed quiet production areas on the studio set by removing computers into separate server rooms. Whilst at the same time, computers may be securely monitored more easily.

OB vans

When employed in an OB van “outside broadcasting van”, KVM products enable users to have easy and convenient access their computers from any monitor/console in the already cramped van.

Mobile radio broadcasts

Mobile radio broadcasting combines two main advantages of KVM matrix switches: removing computers from the studio yet still being able to access them without any limitations.


To keep hot emissions away from creative heads working on post production, KVM multi-channel extenders help further facilitate removing computers into better suited desired server rooms.