Mobile Radio Broadcasts

Enable quick and flexible installation


Despite the distance between them, the KVM reunites computers and users during outside broadcasts.


KVM works well in mobile radio transmission environment

Typically, a (mobile studio) requires and is a standard to include studio tech containers, an MCR (Master Control Room), and a studio for pre-production. Through KVM matrix switches, outside broadcasts benefit from the technology of KVM extenders and switches and therefore improve the work of studio staff and set tech equipment.


How KVM improves mobile radio transmission

Humans and computers are separated: the technology is placed in the technology container, while the staff works in the office container. Yet they are connected through KVM. Computers can be accessed and maintained without disturbing the “on-air” staff. KVM products auto-adapt to the changing distances to be bridged at different locations.


Applied products

8-port PS/2 KVM switch w/ OSD & multi-hotkey
16-port PS/2 KVM switch w/ OSD & multi-hotkey
8-port MATRIX PS/2 KVM switch w/ two-console & multi-hotkey