OB Vans

Computer access from any workplace desk

Whether it’s the director’s chair or the driver seat while working in an OB van, each monitor/console needs to have a number of simultaneous types of access to the central computer server.


KVM switch technology works with OB vans

Switching between computers is carried out through a KVM matrix switch to which multiple computers are connected. The computers are accessed over one or multiple consoles consisting of keyboard, monitor and mouse. From here, KVM ports are accessed, signals forwarded to the switch and a connection is established to the receiver that provides the required peripherals.


KVM switch technology integrates and improves Offsite Broadcast vans

Since users can now access any computer, they can carry out any task in the Offsite Broadcast van. Several staff members are then able to have easy access and share and perform any status checking of monitors/ consoles processes at the same time.


Applied products


8-port PS/2 KVM switch w/ OSD & multi-hotkey

16-port PS/2 KVM switch w/ OSD & multi-hotkey

8-port MATRIX PS/2 KVM switch w/ two-console & multi-hotkey