Creating offices without computers


Crucial computer components with advanced hardware inside are used in post-production alongside powerful processors and large exhaust fans that then typically produce lots of noise and high temperature.   Along with this typical environment the staff of these types of departments almost always will require multiple console screens along with a vast array of transmittable signals sent out across the world.


Having Keyboard Video Mouse switching function in post-production

For the post-production studio staff to edit and work as efficiently as possible, large loud computers are best located in a separate room from the working environment with only consoles/ monitors.


Keyboard Video Mouse switching improves on post-production

Our Keyboard Video Mouse switches and extenders may be easily calibrated to the individual tasks of the technology and are in turn very reliable in connectivity distribution.


Applied products

Professional Video + Serial + Audio KVM extender over CATx cable up to 1000 ft w/ DDM
4-port USB DVI KVM switch w/ DDM & multi-hotkey