Removing computers from the studio

Thankfully due to KVM, the entertainment and news industry’s leaders, presenters, and directors will no longer require or need to place any computers in the studios. To be able to work without any loud noisy humming distractions from exhaust fans that computers and servers can create. Therefore, expensive computer equipment can work at its best when removed into an access-secured and air-conditioned server room.

How KVM works in studios

The KVM extender system is placed between computers and users covering the distance between them. A transmitter helps and accesses the computer’s external keyboard, video and mouse interfaces and forwards the signals to the receiver inside the studio. Now with that a user connects any required operating hardware and accesses the remote computer in real-time without seeing any drawback with the distance. Select broadcast keyboards are able to be added with ease into the operating set up for the any given studio.
Extenders can be added with no added software needed to be installed at initial installation; they will use the existing cables, also transmit USB, RS232, and audio. A power switching component enables the user to restart the computer remotely for ease and efficiency.

How KVM improves studios

Any IT administrator keeping tabs monitoring computers. The computers then are accessed from a second monitor /console which is placed and installed in the server room and connected to the KVM transmitter. So in turn, the studio’s staff may continue their on or off set work while not having distractions.

Applied products

Professional Video + Serial + Audio KVM extender over CATx cable up to 1000 ft w/ DDM