Control Room

The high profile procedures in control rooms, demands the crucial availability and need of advanced computer hardware and software. The constant status checking and mass amounts of processing not only demands but requires many advanced versatile computers. Many computers in one single dedicated room, will always cause excess heat and noise

Control room application

Keyboard Video and Mouse extenders and switches are used to place the staff and technology into different rooms. Ideally high profile computer systems and servers are removed and better placed into dedicated server rooms. Our ConnectPRO extender system distributes the Video Keyboard and Mouse to the staff at the main control center desk. The KVM switch and the extender work great hand in hand in this particular setting, distribution additionally becomes much better and more productive.

Combining the extenders with a KVM switch additionally reduces the number of monitors at the console, yet allows the console to switch to an almost unlimited number of computers.

KVM working in control rooms

Integrate KVM switching and extending with ease since the installation only requires plug & play which takes advantage of being able to use the existing cables. Keeping the picture quality true and unchanged is one of many positive attributes with ConnectPRO KVM distribution. Our Keyboard, Video and Mouse switching and extending technology does not need or require a constant connection to the network local or not. Our extenders give the control room staff the best options and ability for settings for length and gauge of cables. Using Keyboard, Video and Mouse switches and extenders will help put the service staff and the air traffic control staff into separate rooms for maximum safety and productivity.