Special Nautical Applications

Offshore facilities and shipping vessels are always posed and confronted with extreme working conditions for humans and Information technology devices and components. Due to being exposed to these various and challenging characteristics with salty air causing rust, along with vibrations and moisture from a constantly changing ocean. In this demanding offshore environment the equipment is constantly exposed. This permanent environment is why our product excels with its sound design and durability from the demanding offshore workplace

How KVM switches work at sea

Various offshore facility engineers, may have high profile IT; (information technology) devices placed into dedicated special rooms from the weather. A KVM matrix switch sets and confirms a constant connection to the bridge. With implementing the extending and switching functions KVM offers, the offshore engineers and staff at the bridge are now able to have ease of access to any desired computer. Independently placed monitors/consoles on the bridge use and control all computers from other remote locations on the facility or vessel. The end user now has access to all data and high profile information as before only with increased usability and durability from lasting technology.

Increases sea shipping productivity

ConnectPRO technology is widely known and proven to perform great in the offshore industry. The oceans severe weather can not harm the ships high profile KVM devices, be it extenders or switches which in turn allows immediate direct access to sensitive information technology where it is placed safely into the separate server rooms.