February 15, 2010

Soon to be released USB with Hot-key controls

ConnectPRO is excited to be announcing that shortly, all USB PRO KVM switches will feature hot-key controls which allow a user to switch ports with a short key combination on the keyboard.  This is the pinnacle of convenience for the operation of a KVM switch and is relatively new for 2-port and 4-port USB 2.0 KVM Switches.

For some time, other manufacturers have provided USB KVM switches that support hot-key controls, however, often times at the expense of general keyboard functionality.  ConnectPRO’s new PRO series featuring hot-keys is unique in the sense that it doesn’t offer hot-key support at the expense of anything.  A customer can still use their multi-function keyboard, as well as a wireless keyboard/mouse combination – there’s absolutely no confusion caused by a single USB connector controlling both keyboard and mouse.

Another issue that users have sometimes had with hot-key KVMs in the past, is hot-key interference.  The standard hot-key for all ConnectPRO KVM switches has always been the left Control button.  In the event that that particular keystroke is used for something else on your computer or in a specific application, the new USB PRO with hot-key controls will allow you to change the hot-key to another of the 4 options.


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