Please email for help with your product and provide the following details:

  • Product name
  • Serial number
  • Description of the issue

This will help us speed along the process of getting you up and running!

If you’d like, you can also reach support at 909-444-9288.

Firmware Upgrade

***Please note ConnectPRO is not responsible for any failed attempts of firmware update that resulted in damaged and/or broken product. The user has to assume all risks and responsibilities for any failed attempted firmware updates that resulted in damaging/breaking the product.

Please contact ConnectPRO’s support team at with your name, ConnectPRO order number, model number, and date of purchase when requesting a new firmware for your ConnectPRO device. Firmware will not be provided to anyone who did not purchased the ConnectPRO product directly from ConnectPRO or to any KVM switch that’s out of warranty coverage.***

There are two groups for ConnectPRO KVM switch lines in different firmware upgrade requirements;

  1. KVM switch firmware and control are integrated on the main PCB  – required only to upgrade the mainboard.
  2. KVM switch firmware and control are modulized into individual PCB – required to upgrade main PCB firmware and video PCB firmware independently/ separately. (ONLY For new DisplayPort KVM switch lines).