Dynamic Device Mapping (DDM) for USB Devices

DDM enables the fastest switching possible with a KVM.

What is DDM?

USB DDM Technology

Patented in TW, US, CN, JP, EU..etc,

Almost all traditional high-end KVM switches are built based on keyboard and mouse emulation technologies which help the keyboard and mouse communicate with the switch and the switch with the computer. Unfortunately, not all keyboards and mice are designed the same, so a KVM switch that emulates a generic or even particular type of keyboard and mouse can lead to inconsistent performance, as well as compatibility issues.

With ConnectPRO’s patented Dynamic Device Mapping (DDM) technology, the communication between shared devices and connected systems is maintained 100% of the time, even when switching the shared devices between the controlled systems.

Maintaining this connection prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems/computers, and reduces wait time when switching KVM ports. As a result, when switching ports there is no lag time or waiting for the computer to re-recognize the connected devices. DDM creates a new class of KVM switch with no latency switching, and becomes extremely important for more complicated and faster computing applications. DDM, along with our patented dual-core KVM technology, has become the most reliable and robust KVM switch technology in the world.


  • No latency when switching between computers.
  • More kinds of HIDs can be shared with the KVM switch, such as a touch-screen or Leap Motion.
  • Enables hot-key commands to quickly switch between computers or perform other tasks on the KVM.
  • Stackable switches allow multiple KVMs to be controlled with one HID, allowing for the addition of multiple monitors to be shared between computers.

ConnectPRO switches with DDM

KVM switches in our Master-IT USB Plus line utilize DDM to it’s full capacity, making them the most reliable choice when looking for your next KVM switch.


February, 2014

“I think this KVM switch is the best one out there. I wanted to use my new Logitech TK820 keyboard on all of my computers. Now I can. The TK820 is a nice keyboard. I like having the track pad. However sometimes you want a mouse on a desktop computer at the same time. So I run both. This KVM switch allows me to do that.”
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Richard Roocroft

“A KVM Switch That Works”, Rustymicrophone.com