May 7, 2009

The New and Improved UR-12


ConnectPRO’s professional UR-12 KVM switch has received much more than a facelift. There are many new and exciting features that have been added, as well as improved specifications to solidify the UR-12’s position as the number 1 KVM switch on the market.

New features for the UR-12 include:

  • All-the-time Full DDC support
  • 4 high-speed USB ports designed to share keyboard, mouse, printer, etc…
  • 2 USB console ports located on front panel for easier access
  • Optional IR remote for switching KVM ports on the fly
  • Illuminated push-buttons for easier identification of Powered-On or Active ports
  • Firmware upgrade ability

Improved specifications:

  • 13% greater video bandwidth, now supporting 400 MHz
  • Improved video resolution now supports 2048 x 1536
  • All-the-time Full DDC to all systems connected instead of just the active port
    • Reads EDID information from the attached screen and stores it in NV memory.
    • Avoids boot problems from missing DDC information.
  • 25% more USB connectivity with additional 4th USB port

Features and Benefits UR-12 customers have always relied on:

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Front panel pushbuttons for easy computer selection
  • Buzzer sound for computer switching confirmation
  • Plug-and-Play operation and faster KVM switching
  • Additional USB ports for extra device sharing
  • No drivers needed for keyboard and mouse operation
  • High compatibility with HID devices
  • 3-year warranty to provide consumers with peace of mind
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