January 05, 2012

VGA Audio/Video Distribution Amplifiers with Control Now Available
ConnectPRO announces new product line of A/V Distribution Amplifiers

ConnectPRO is pleased to announce that it has released a new product line of professional audio/video distribution amplifiers. The two new roster additions are the VSC-102 (2-port) and VSC-104 (4-port). Unique to these splitters is the ability to remotely control video output on all or select ports with an IR remote (Part # RC-04, sold separately). In addition to the unique IR remote control capabilities, video output can also be controlled via an RS-232 connection to a computer, or through the front panel push buttons on the Splitter itself.

ConnectPRO currently offers a variety of Video Splitter choices, and all of them feature premium quality, exceptional resolution, and great performance. The new VSC series joins ConnectPRO’s VSE series to provide an effective solution for a variety of A/V distribution requirements. Stereo Audio is available on both the VSE and VSC series. All models boast 400MHz video bandwidth which can support high resolutions and longer distances. ConnectPRO’s video splitters give you the freedom of sharing one VGA video and audio source with multiple displays while functioning as a signal amplifier as well.

The new VSC series is available for order immediately. Please contact a ConnectPRO representative for ordering information.

 VSC_45F VSC102_D

ConnectPRO—with offices in Southern California, New York, Taiwan, and exclusive representation by Hypertools in Japan (www.hypertools.co.jp)—has been offering quality professional I.T. and A/V solutions since 1992 while being committed to a high level of reliability and customer service.

View Product Page: Manageable Video Splitters with Port Level On/Off Control

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