Video Solutions

prod_pg_avs18 Audio/Video SwitchConnectPRO has developed an all-new Audio/Video switch for switching one A/V output between multiple inputs.  This is a top of the line device that will provide superior quality at an unheard of price.

prod_pg_vse Video Splitters with and without AudioConnectPRO Video Splitters have been the defacto choice for A/V industry customers as well as end-users looking for superior performance at high resolutions and extended distances, yet at a reasonable price.

prod_pg_vsc Manageable Video Splitters with Port-Level On/Off ControlConnectPRO’s all new Video Splitters feature the same excellent video quality and video bandwidth as the existing VSE line, but add the bonus features of allowing users control over individual video ports.  Video output can be turned on or off to individual ports, instead of just splitting the source video out to all connected displays.

prod_pg_ddc VGA and DVI DDC Emulator GhostDDC Emulator provides DDC and EDID information to your computer to prevent blank screens, boot problems, or display resolution issues due to a lack of communication between computer and display.

prod_pg_eoc A/V Extender over Cat-6ConnectPRO is currently selling an all-new Audio/Video Extender.  Ideal for extending or distributing Audio and Video, it is a perfect solution for many Digital Signage applications. This product is capable of extending high-quality video up to 1000′.

 prod_pg_ts Touch-screen monitor solutionsConnectPRO provides built-to-spec touch-screen monitors incorporating a variety of Elo Touch components.  All touch-monitors will use Elo’s combo USB/Serial controller for installation flexibility, and unless otherwise desired will include Elo’s Accutouch 5-wire sensor installed in either a 15″ or 17″ LCD monitor.