Skew Corrector

Skew Corrector

VGA-to-VGA RGB Skew Corrector

VGA RGB Skew Corrector allows a customer to adjust RGB skew for better Video quality. It will have an optional IR remote, and come standard with advanced tuning technology to help get the finest video quality.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy to install for better RGB quality
  • Easy to adjust VGA RGB ( Red, Green, Blue ) skew separately by using a plus / minus screwdriver
  • Support fine video quality up to 1920 x 1200 resolutions
  • Built-in Easy Skew control via IR remote controller
  • Video source could be PC, DVD player, Video extender, Video Switch, Video Splitter, or any VGA video source
  • VGA GAIN ( brightness ) x 1 or x 2 selectable
  • Aluminum metal construction